Clothes and accessories from young Polish designers! Backstage SS2013

wiola wolczyńska AW12/13: today’s sober decadence

Designed in a specific colour palette, dipped in purple, pink and grey hues, the brand new AW12/13 collection by Wiola Wołczyńska amazes with its decadent shapes and never seen before silhouettes. Oversized tops with accentuated pockets or dresses with an unusual hemline demonstrate how the designer who usually played safe, entered a new dimension with her truly avant-garde collection. Complimented by a trademark cap, the outfits challenge one’s view on traditional fashion or classic female silhouette. We absolutely love it and we can’t wait what will be Wiola’s next step in fashion!

Below you find a selection of images from the collection. Enjoy!

bloggers style: a kowalski t-shirt

Today we present you two different ways in which bloggers from UK and France styled their t-shirts from Kowalski. Even though a t-shirt seems simple, if not boring, type of garment, it can make an outfit more interesting, unique and edgy. These Kowalski tops ceratinly do!

This two sided black and grey t-shirt is the basis of Mahayanna's ladylike outfit. It's playfulness and double colour surely add a lot to her look!


Now check how Tamara from Glam and Glitter 4Ever styled her Kowalski t-shirt, pairing it with a simple pair of jeans, nude shoes and a fashionable clutch.


One simple t-shirt with so many possibilities is a basic everyone needs in their wardrobe!

Welcome to the world of subtle elegance.

Light and breezy materials, simple forms and unusual cuts and combinations of fabric are key features of the SS2012 collection by the Warsaw-based designer duo BOHOBOCO. Under their apparent simplicity, BOHOBOCO designs hide a well-executed and innovatory approach towards formal dressing. Every dress has something unusual about it, a peculiar element or cut hidden somewhere in its complicated structure, bringing out a touch of sophisticated elegance, inherent to BOHOBOCO design style.

Below we present you a selection of images from BOHOBOCO SS2012 collection. Enjoy!

ph. Marta Sinior

a perfect summer dress

And we don’t mean a typically summer oriented, fair-coloured, breezy number. A perfect summer dress epitomizes the trends that would otherwise look no less than ridiculous. It’s only in the summer setting and atmosphere that we dare trying new shapes and cuts, especially when they aren’t overshadowed by warm shawls and blouses.

A perfect summer dress is a statement dress, simple and yet daring and innovative. Below we present a selection of unique summer dresses. Enjoy!

Dream Nation

Aga Pou

Wiola Wołczyńska

And for summer evenings:

Joanna Klimas

Sebastian Kubiak

ph. Marta Sinior

a vintage touch: esther & dorothy

Today we’d like to introduce an unusual jewellery brand. The designer behind it, Kamila Podgórska-Gilbert, started designing jewellery more than a decade ago and the effects of such an experience is visible in meticulously detailed pieces she produces under her label Esther & Dorothy. What is particular of Esther & Dorothy jewellery is the fact that they’re composed of jewellery elements dating back even to the 1850’s!

Working with old bracelets and necklaces is quite intriguing, as the designer herself admits: “When working with old elements, I always imagine who was their previous owner - a woman, a man? how did it end up in dirt and stayed there for 50 or more years?”.

Her jewellery is always single-piece, compiled of unique elements she previously hand cleans and puts under moonlight to cleanse it from the energy of the previous owner. Sounds quite romantic, doesn’t it?

Below you find a selection of images presenting Esther & Dorothy collection. Enjoy the magic!

spring has never been so white…

The flood of whiteness of all shapes and sizes we are experiencing now at FullofStyle is a definite sign- white is back with all its force! Its potentials as a colour are unlimited, it fits official as well as casual occasions, but always gives an outfit a touch of elegance. Whether you’re wearing a light tunic from HI-END, or an airy top from Kiss the Frog, you can be sure to reflect the simple sophistication of this chic colour.

Below we present you a selection of white pieces, which are perfect for complimenting your spring and summer wardrobe. Enjoy!

Those simple tunics from HI-END and Magda Hasiak, when accessorised, gain a completely new character.

This Kiss the Frog tunic with its relaxed fit and long sleeves reminds us of the creations of Ann Demeulemeester, perfect for remaining elegant on a warm day!

The double coloured top by Magda Hasiak has such a distinct form that everyone will notice it immediately!

This versatile dress from risk.made in warsaw is another example of the power of white- depending on accessories, it can change its character from very formal to stylish casual. Who wouldn’t want such a piece in their wardrobe?

Stay tuned for more trend reports!

designer focus: sebastian kubiak

Today we’d like to introduce you to a fashion designer who favours elegant and glamorous style. Sebastian Kubiak admits that he’s always known that he would become a fashion designer. The need to create beautiful things combined with his will to fulfil the expectations of women’s fashion lead him to fashion design as his chosen profession. We guess he wasn’t wrong since he debuted at the age of 18, taking the second place in the ‘Golden Scissors- Polish Wool’ competition and was awarded at Warsaw Fashion Street.

Since then he’s been busy designing collections highly appreciated by women. His trademarks are urban style garments with an array of astonishing shapes and cuts. The SS2012 collection by Sebastian Kubiak proves no exception, as it’s full of rich materials, unique patterns and modern forms, which only emphasize the designers will to compliment and explore the beauty of a woman.

Below we present you a selection of images of the SS2012 collection by Sebastian Kubiak.

ph. Marta Sinior

designer focus: magda hasiak

We’d like to present you Magda Hasiak, a designer, who contrary to typical Spring/Summer trends, designed a collection full of toned down colours such as grey, beige, white and black. Her SS2012 collection mightn’t have a crazy colour range, but it certainly makes up for it in its variety of cuts and materials.

Magda Hasiak seeks inspiration in the frenzy of everyday life in the city, creating silhouettes without boundaries. As she herself admits, she doesn’t really design, but combines materials, cuts and shapes into unusual forms of her garments. In her collection you’ll find soft blouses and tunics, elegant dresses and eccentric trousers, discover it in here.

Below we present you a selection of images of the SS2012 collection by Magda Hasiak, enjoy!

ph. Marta Sinior